The end.

On my way home today. Left Gwen’s around 7:30 this morning. Had beautiful weather until just past Roswell when lightening bolts, high wind and rain started. I made it into Carlsbad and into a hotel before I got too wet. Looking forward to being home.

Rode through Moab today. Beautiful shades red rock with highlight of green and tan.
Made it to Gwens fairly early. Had dinner by a campfire and popcorn on the patio.
Tomorrow we go do an emergency shoeing and pick up her horses. Then I am going to nap, don’t know what she is going to do. ;-D

Did not make Moab either! Let me catch ya up.
Yesterday we drove through Bitterroot Valley. AWESOME ride. If you have never heard of it, put it on your list of places to see/visit. Gwen took pictures, hope they turn out good. Ever since I tied the camera around her neck I haven’t gotten to see it.
So anyway, I took a wrong turn somewhere and we ended up in Twin Falls instead of Salt Lake. That is okay as we stopped on the ‘wrong road’ to see a cool place called Craters of the Moon. Pictures are coming, whenever I can get my hands on the camera and a computer.
So, today. We went to see the falls, pretty, but not spectacular. We road hard and fast and made it to about two hours outside of Moab. We will hit the highlights of Moab tomorrow, which apparently includes a pub…
Plan to be at Gwens house tomorrow around 6. Which with the way we keep piddling, it will be 8.

13 hour day. Beautiful ride. Back in the heat. Headed for Moab tomorrow. Too tired to post anything else.

Got off the Ferry about 8:30. Went to lunch with Adrianne near Seattle. Had a wonderful time just chatting with her. Then we headed for Missoula. What a beautiful ride. Went through 3 mountain passes. Didn’t make it to Missoula, we are in St. Regis. Rooms are $35 and the bar and restuarant are attached to the motel.
Gwen is a good passenger she sits still and doesn’t freak on turns. However I did ask her if I had made her nervous at any time, she told me she was nervous all the time. We only did 400 miles today. We have almost 600 to do tomorow. I hope she gets over it by the time we get to Salt Lake

Beautiful day, sunshine!!! Don’t realize how good the sun feels until you haven’t seen it but 2 days in the last month! LOL. Bet I am wishing for dreary cloud cover before I get home.
Saw a bunch of humpback whales today. I have gotten really good at spotting them and at least 3 times was the one saying ‘Whales at …’ Kinda cool. Now if only I could anticipate them and get a picture. Maybe when I grow up I will join Larry’s whale watching ecotours and take people to see the whales.
So we are in the inside passage now. At times it appears that we are going to run right into land, then the passage open up in front of you. We are close enough to the land that you can see the individual trees. If there were to be a bear on the beach we would see it.
When I started planning for tomorrow, I discovered that Adrianne (friend of mom’s that were are meeting for brunch/lunch tomorrow) had the wrong date and was probably worried about us. Needless to say I contacted her ASAP. Sorry Adrianne, I probably gave you the wrong date, will see you in the morning.
After consulting with Cathi and Doug, awesome biker couple who live and ride in the northwest part of the US, we will be taking I 90 to Missoula, then down 93 to I 84 into Salt Lake City.
Off to bed now, must get my beauty rest.

Pulled into Ketchikan this morning. We have a 5 hour layover. Gwen found me and we went into town, had some breakfast and off we went. Did a tour of the city by means of a horse drawn trolly. Heard lots of really bad puns, but it was fun. Then we went on a walking ecotour. Some of it was it on tension bridges, wooden, hanging swinging bridges. Learned a lot about the local plants and a bit more of bear behavior. Like how mama will set baby by a tree, go off into the woods then makes herself look ferocious and charges the baby. This is to force the baby to learn to climb trees, as daddy bear will eat baby bear if given the chance. Not a fun begining for baby bear.
We then got back on the ferry and took off.
I found the two bikers that helped me tie my bike down to buy them a beer. I think they make the release mechanism on those stupid tiedowns different on each brand just to confuse non-mechanical people like me. LOL. I asked for help releasing it to make the strap longer, next thing I knew the bike was tied down. So I bought them a beer.
Another chilly night but beautiful.

Let’s see, we did not go kayaking, but we did go to gold mine museum and ate sushi.
We were not able to get a room so Gwen helped set me up at my cot and went off to be with Eddie.
After a cold sleepless night, I found Gwen to get my boarding and she chose to go with me into Sitka. We only had about an hour and a half, but that was enough to tour a museum, grab brunch and do a little shopping. Now we are off to Petersburgh.
On the way to Petersburg I got to see more orca’s and humpback whales.
Made some nice friends. Doug, who also did the Hoka Hey and his delightful wife Kathy. Have spent much of my time in the Solarium (where I am sleeping) or in observation room with them.
Petersburg was so small there was no point in getting off the boat.
After leaving there, the ferry passed though a group of islands in a channel that was narrow enough that it was marked by lit bouys. Kinda fun to watch the lights trailing out behind us.
Tomorrow Ketchican. We will be docked there for 9 hours.

The Adventure So Far

October 2020